New York Gets A New Anthem. . . Sort of

Posted: April 1, 2011 in Music

It seems as if every few months or so the music world dedicates a song to New York City.  Well, that said, the beginning  of 2011 is no different.  The latest anthem to revolve around New York is a remixed version of Sinatra’s classic, New York, New York.  Georgia hip hop artist B.O.B. has once again put the city back in the limelight and on the Billboard music charts.  The song was first introduced and used in a nationwide marketing campaign for the video game developer Electronic Arts.  The song has now hit the music industry and the streets as well.  By updating Sinatra’s famous song, B.O.B. has supplied New Yorkers with yet another theme song…..and yet another toast to NYC.

With the addition of yet another New York based song, I wanted to compile a  list of some of the all time great songs that include New York City as its centerpiece.  Please comment with any songs I may have missed or that just plain deserve to make the list….

1.  Frank Sinatra – New York, New York
2.  Billy Joel – New York State of Mind
3.  Art Garfunkel – A Heart in New York
4.  Bob Dylan – Talkin’ New York
5.  Jay-Z – Empire State of Mind
6.  Tony Bennett – Manhattan
7.  Bobby Darin – Sunday in New York
8.  Al Jolson – Give My Regards to Broadway
9.  Cam’ron – Welcome to New York City
10. Beastie Boys – No Sleep Til Brooklyn
11. John Lennon – New York City
12. Bruce Springsteen – The Rising
13. The Ramones – 53rd and 3rd
14. B.O.B. – NY, NY Remix
15. Interpol – NYC


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