NYC Art Crimes – Meet Ron English

Posted: March 31, 2011 in Art, Community

New York City meet Ron English.  As far as art goes, English is on the forefront of pushing the envelope.  His many works can be seen in museums and also on display at various art exhibits throughout the city.

While Ron does create art for indoor display, English’s M. O. is pirating billboard space by posting his own hand-painted designs over the existing ads. Ron has created his own anti-ad campaigns in Texas, New York and New Jersey. Camel’s “Old Joe” has often found himself replaced with ‘The Cancer Kids” , while those lovable “Kool” characters have found themselves “Forever Kool”, six feet under. In addition to these works of anti-advertising , billboards comment and reflect upon current events and social conditions, some are just fun and or carry personal messages without overt social commentary.

Evicting corporate mascots from their top dollar billboards is frowned upon by their sponsors and by the law enforcement establishment, so Ron is careful to do his dirty work under the cover of daylight. If he were spotted working at night it would be obvious he was engaged in illegal activity. On the other hand, when Ron and his cohorts work by the light of day, they appear, like Coke, to be the real thing.

View Ron’s Controversial Billboards Here!


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